Thursday, 6 October 2011

ALMOST DEAD!! Gas Pedal Stuck!

On a Thursday afternoon, while returning back home from university, I was on the highway driving at around 80km/hr. Suddenly the car started accelerating and after few seconds it has reached 140km/hr...
(I have a Mitsubishi Lancer)
I have realized that the gas pedal was stuck! I have really panicked and I started sweating! Thanks God I was not alone in the car!! My friend was sitting to my right and he started screaming when he saw the traffic too... Under pressure, I have asked my friend to grab the steering wheel and I went down to unstuck the pedal, while stepping on the brakes too! We have crashed into another car but at very low speeds. No one was injured...
I could have put the car on the neutral position to prevent its acceleration but trust me, you do not have time to analyze what to do in such situation when your life is in danger!

How stupid would you feel if something bad happened and you could have prevented it?

After investigation, I have discovered the problem. The floor mat  was jammed underneath the pedal because of the big distance between the gas pedal and the floorboard. 

MY advice : Cut the mat between the gas pedal and floorboard. Inform people and friends before they fall in a similar situation! Save their lives!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Many sites available on the web are just done to trick you! Few days ago, I was searching for a fast way to make money from my home and I came across several Google ads on different websites. 

There are hundreds of these clone websites that try to convince you that they really have made money posting links on Google... one of of their tactics is to build a fake news websites and then write several articles that someone made a lot of money using their system.
The ads seemed to be so real. I was almost taken in. If I only had a Master Card, I would have payed them the $98 but my mother was not home...I wanted to rent hers... Thanks God!!
This is what some people say: "If people are stupid enough to fall for this then they deserve to have there money taken away from them." Those scammers are fooling you by convincing you that you might win more than $9000 per month... If you fall in their trap, 
These are some scam websites:

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A simple way to get rid of Pimples

Dear friends, I have paid hundreds of dollars buying acne products for years. I have also consulted several dermatologists and was fed up. I was never been able to get rid of my acne especially the ones on my forehead.
I had a really hard time... until I found the solution! 

To get rid of acne, follow those steps:

First wash your hands with warm water twice.
Then wash your face with warm water water twice.

Perform this action 3 times a day ( when you wake up, after lunch and before you sleep )

NB: -Never touch or scratch your face
        - If you scratch a pimple, it will take more time to heal and will be infected because of microbes under your nails.
        -In case you sweat during the day, take a warm shower and don't let the sweat and dirt stay on your body.
        - Use warm water, not cold water 
        - Use any soap (you do not need a medical soap)
        - Dry well your face with a clean towel,

Your goal is to prevent the skin pores from being clogged!
Yeah, too simple to be true!! :)